Brand X Latex...stretch your imagination!

Important Warnings

People with latex or ammonia allergy, extremely sensitive skin or sensitivity to ammonia smell should avoid use of Brand X™ Liquid Latex. A test patch of skin is recommended prior to use. If a rash develops, remove latex, wash the affected areas with soap and water, and discontinue use. Liquid Latex should only be applied to children under strict supervision. Do not ingest, and keep out of eyes, nose, mouth and other orifices. This product is non toxic and biodegradeable, however, do not spill on carpets, clothing and other permeable objects, as liquid latex is permanent on such items. This product should not be used as a prophylactic or contraceptive and can be corrosive and should not be used on certain metals, such as iron, silver, brass and bronze. Stainless steel and aluminum are generally not reactive with latex. Simply Latex™ assumes no legal responsibility for consumer’s use of this product and advises to please use responsibly.

About Brand X™Liquid Latex

Brand X Latex™ is a fun creative product that is only limited by your imagination! Paint it directly onto skin to design and enjoy your own latex clothing, costumes and fashions.

Brand X Latex™ is a natural, biodegradeable and non-toxic result of tree sap and does not contain petroleum or bonding agents commonly found in paint. This allows the skin to breathe underneath.

Brand X Latex™ can be applied to Spandex™, Lycra™, and denim for reusable latex clothing and is great for costumes, clothing, masks or dressing up for your favorite sporting event and should last several hours when applied generously.

Use Brand X Latex™ finishing products for best results. Liquid Latex dries tacky and use of finishing products such as Shyne™, will leave latex smooth and add a shine to the latex, while Glymmer™ will add a metallic or pearlescent effect to the final application.

Preparing To Use Liquid Latex

Open Liquid Latex jar and let it vent for a couple of minutes. This will allow the odor to dissipate, made by the low ammonia content.

It is best to remove hair from areas to be painted; however, it is not always necessary. Liquid Latex can be removed from small amounts of body hair with ease. Trimming can be done instead of shaving, but to avoid skin irritation do not apply directly after shaving.

Apply a generous amount of any moisturizing lotion for easier removal.and to help prevent irritation. Light vegetable oil can be used to coat areas with heavier hair growth.

If applying Liquid Latex to the face, be sure container has vented properly and apply a light coating of vegetable oil or petroleum jelly to the eyebrows for easier removal. Make sure to keep latex out of eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

Liquid Latex Application

It is best to use foam brushes and rollers for applying Liquid Latex. Bristle brushes can leave uneven painted surfaces, however soft bristle brushes can be used for detailing by soaking the bristles in soapy water. This helps prevent the latex from sticking to the brush. Use a roller or wide foam brush to apply Liquid Latex to more expansive areas. Latex dries quickly and may dry on the brush if not kept wet with latex.Stir latex to blend color evenly throughout. *To prevent foaming, do not shake. Liquid Latex paints on lighter while wet, but dries to true color in 5-10 minutes. May also be poured directly onto skin or applied by hand. Apply a minimum of 3 coats, allowing each coat to dry entirely between coats. For stronger and more elastic performance, apply 5 or more coats. The more coats applied, the thicker the latex will dry. The fluorescent colors may be more translucent than the standard colors. It is recommended when using fluorescent colors, to apply 2 base coats of white, followed by the final coats of fluorescent latex.

16oz of liquid latex will cover nearly a half body, or the arms and legs with 3 coats. 32oz of liquid latex should cover an entire body, using 3 coats.

Finishing Products

Upon applying the final coat of latex, and having allowed adequate time to dry, the use of Simply Latex Finishing products is highly recommended. When liquid latex dries, it will be tacky and may stick to itself or other objects it touches and tear. Use of the Simply Latex™ finishing products will leave the latex smooth and add an enamoring effect to the latex.

Shyne™ is a water based, silicone polish which when sprayed directly onto latex and buffed using a cloth or towel, will add a shine to the latex, making it smooth and glossy.

Glymmer™ is a mica based powder offered in 7 different colors (Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Green & Black). Glymmer™ can be applied using a sponge or blush brush over the final coat of latex to create a metallic, pearlescent and sparkling effect to the latex. It can also be used on latex clothing, vinyl, leather or directly on skin for beautiful and colorful results.

Removing Liquid Latex

Simply remove liquid latex by peeling it off. Removal should be done slowly to avoid possible skin irritation. If latex was appllied over fine body hair, there may be a slight pulling sensation, but should not remove the hair itself. For those with medium to heavy body hair, it is recommended that latex be removed in a shower with warm water and soap. Be sure to collect latex so not to clog shower drain. If latex is dried into hair, use baby oil and a comb to breakdown the latex and remove it. Latex is permanent in carpets, drapes and other porous fabrics and materials.

Coating Clothing And Fabrics

Liquid Latex can be used for many applications, and is only limited by your imagination! You can create rubber coated clothing, masks, and other practical applications. You can coat nonabsorbent fabrics such as Spandex™, Lycra™, and denim, but does not work well with cotton or other porous fabrics. Latex can be applied to clothing while on the body and it is recommended to use plastic wrap under the clothing to keep the latex from soaking through and sticking to the body. Keep the clothing from folding over while applying latex, as it will stick to itself. Use of finishing products is also recommended after final coat is applied, to keep latex from sticking to itself.